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Update: 9.10.18
So, in my search for real people, not family or friends. I have put my book up for review on CreateSpace and have had two reviews in twenty-four hours, which is great! Though I suspect one reviewer has confused this book with, Press Attention, a humorous, farcical novel from a few years ago, that they had already read. Anyway, here's a link to CreateSpace where you can read the first three chapters. I would be really grateful for your genuine reviews and if you want a further sample then just email me at
Link to where you real people can leave reviews

OK, so how's the new book sales going? You may or may not ask. Not great so far to be honest. Admittedly, I haven't actually spent any money on promotion. Obviously, I've made my family, and encouraged a few friends, to download or buy a paperback copy. I've asked for opinions on two different cover designs.
Cover design 1... Won hands down. Cover design 2... Was the one my mother like…
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Well, how's the Amazon advertising campaign going?
It's been running about a week now and so far... Nothing.
I had kept a PDF version of my book on the self-publishing site, Lulu, then yesterday I retired it so that I could enrol in KDP select, giving Amazon exclusive rights and opening my book up for more promotional options.
Whatever your views might be about Amazon as a corporation, when it comes to ease of self-publishing, they've got the whole process nailed.
To obtain a proof of the printed version of your book from Lulu, you need to buy it and only then can you approve it. I now have three rather naff copies of my novel, at a cost of nearly twenty pounds and none of them are acceptable. With Amazon, you can view what your book will look like during the set-up process.
Anyway, enough about them.
My last post was titled, Real People... Not Family or Friends.
Link to relevant post HERE
As in, reviews by the general public and not those closest to you who might be bias…


Well, very little to report right now.
Two rejections made an unwelcome appearance in my in-box.
The three chapter offerings hadn't convinced the agents that my novel was about to set the literary world alight.
I have been writing this week, but I've also been faffing around a lot ...where does the time go?
The one stunningly sunny hot day so far this year (in my neck of the woods), I squandered.
How so?
On the eve of the unexpectedly sunny hot day, I had taken it upon myself to murder Lady Dowager Withering in my own home. It's as well you don't know who I am or what part I played other than that of the murderer. You may want to host your own Murder a la Carte, Murder by Candlelight, and what mustn't be revealed until the end of the game is ...Who done it?
For those of you who have missed out (yes, you have), on an evening of murder and mayhem, I have applied this link to a blogger post that provides the best explanation of how to play, host, and enjoy a murder my…

**** IT, JUST GO PUBLISH! 27.08.2018

Well, In my last post, which I have just deleted because, on reflection, it was quite boring, I talked about my decision to self-publish.
Although I was only up to twelve rejections and ten non-respondents... I decided that, actually, it was time to just self-publish and be damned.
We comfort ourselves with tales of how The Kite Runner received thirty rejections before it was taken up by an agent and how many rejections J.K. Rowling deleted from her inbox. There are many stories of this ilk. However, patience has never been one of my virtues.
Which had proved a good and a bad thing... but not in that order.
I've self-published in the past and the process was quite satisfying.
My debut novel, Hungary For Adventure, was published in paperback and in ebook format on Amazon.
That was two years ago. There were some sales and some good reviews.
Though, on reflection, the novel was by no means ready for publication. It was full of errors and typos.
So, I'm glad that I didn't sp…


Yes, I know sextimazation isn't a word ...or, maybe now it is because I've just used it here.
What am I blogging on about now?
Well, I'm all riled up after reading an article in the Sunday Times Culture supplement.
Link to the Sunday Times article
It discusses the fact (yes, it is a fact), that women writers still struggle to be taken seriously as literary writers and it is generally assumed that their book will inevitably be a "chick lit".
In case you can't be arsed to click on the link above here's a briefing.
When women write about family and the connections between people, their work is condemned as 'chick lit', or 'women's fiction'. When a man writes about that it is hailed as a masterwork of literature. TRUE
Picoult, a worldwide bestseller, says that her novel, Small Great Things, about racism in America, was named the best romance novel in Poland. "It doesn't even have a kiss in it," she fumes.
In the UK the market…